Welcome to this page.
If you have a question, look down to the "answers to questions you might have" post and your answer should be there.
  • Why is it when you look at our website sometimes that the information are not up to date like the countdowns?
It's probably because we've updated the website recently so your computer might be a bit slow to recognising the information. 
  • When do we update our website?
We update this website whenever we have time usually, but one of us will defiantly update it or check it out on Fridays.
  • How did we start the idea of this website?
It all started from Lilly. She found Weebly when one of her friends told her. She created one and told us about it.
  • Why won't we reply to your advise?
I'm very sorry if we hadn't done that yet. We've been very busy. We'll try and do it as soon as we have time.
  • Where do we get some of the information from?
We get the information to put on this website from all over the place, friends, family, Google, Youtube or school.
  • How many people are involved in the making of this web?
There are 4 of us mainly but there are extra's like the MARRs reporters, spell checker and others that you will be slowly finding out about.
  • What you can do to help us spread the word?
We would be very pleased if you could help spread the word about our website like if you could tell you friends and family about it we would be very grateful.
  • Who are we?
We are 4 girls aged 11 but we can't tell you very much about us. Find out more about us on the "about us" page.
  • Where do we come from?
We live in the UK, England
  • Why did we choose the name MARRs?
We chose the title MARRs because it's the start of our real names and we are really interested in planets and we are no good at spelling. So sorry if some of the things you see on here are spelt wrong. We do have a spell checker to help.
  • What's Mars' moons called?
Mars has too moons. One's called Deimos and one is called Phobos.
  • How are we doing?
We are doing fine thanks!
  • Who updates the website?
Well, we take turns!




Hi viewers! I'm sure you have lots of questions about us and our website. This is a page where you can write all the questions down and hopefully we will get a chance to anwer them!

Thank you for reading this page. Please check out any other page and comment.