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Hi guys! Just wanted to say thanks for all the comments you have been posting! I hope our advice helps but don't be affraid to help eachother. You can reply to anyone's posts to help them!

love Lilyxx
If you have any friends that know her than you could ask them to get her email or something from her so you can contact her in a more peresonal way or you can wait until you see her again and tell her in person.
First of all, don't worry about her not liking you back because even if she doesn't, she'll still feel happy that somebody out there likes her. If you don't think Facebook's personal enough, maybe if you know her email, send one to her, cause only she'll be able to see it. Also, if you know her address, you can send her a letter (and some flowers maybe...).

I hope everything works out and good luck, if what I've said has not helped, let us know and we'll try and think of more advise for you.

love Lilly xx
Thank you for that advise, it was very truthful and honest. 
I personally think that you should tell! Whatever happens is for the best, don't worry if she doesn't like you back, there's a chance that she does, and this chance could be very important. I remember I liked someone in primary school too, I was keeping it a secret for ages and ages, I had sent them lots of notes saying that and in the end they knew. They didn't like me back but I took the risk and nothing bad has happened! We are still great friends!

Thanks for choosing MARRs and

Veuns xx
Hi GF Looser.

OMG i'm so sorry to hear that. problems with girlfriends and boyfriends can be tough I know... but i'm sure there is somewhere deep inside her that feels really bad. Just try writing a letter to her explaining how you feel and how much you want her back.

love Lily (good luck)
I'm very sorry about your friends Sadforever, I think you should try again to talk to them and if it's still the same, try and make new friends. Thankyou for getting back you us and using MARRs to help you.

Love Venus xx
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