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Look at your boy friend, tell him that to stop ignoring you and to talk to you in front of your friends. Also tell him that he is like a stranger to you now because he never talks to you.
Hope it helps.

I think the best thing to do is to talk things out with him and tell him how you feel because you guys might not be right for each other.

Next, I don't think you should tell Lizzy because it might make Lucy's life miserable. 

That's just what I think.
Love, Vi
Making friends is not too hard! Just find somebody who you think is loyal, kind, caring etc and begin to try and befriend them. If you see them sad, cheer them up. If they are on their own, ask if they wanna hang out with you. Don't go mad and follow them arround buying them presents and cards because they will just get annoyed with you.
I'm glad you are still friends with your other friends even if you aren't best friends.
 Love Lily xxx
I personally don't think you should break friends with them because the more friends the better. You could just ask them to stop doing what they are doing that's annoying and maybe it will all work out. I think I would just ignor them.

Love Venus
Honestly, I think you shouldn't be friends with a person just because they are popular. Before agreeing to be friends with a person, you need to know they are a true friend. As for your other friend, you should try telling her if she is annoying you and what she's doing. If she is a good friend, she shouldn't get annoyed with you for saying that but understand and try to stop.

Good luck

Lily xxx
I think the best thing to do is to try and make friends with this person but make sure you keep your real friends before them. If Someone's being annoying to you, tell them why they are, pluck up the courage to do that. Things happen when it's meant to happen. Don't worry, everything will turn out fine...

love Venus.
Hey.Well if someone said that they don't like your friend then they are not your true friend.If you're just being friends with them because they are popular then don't.You be friends with who ever you want to because if you are not that popular, you are popular with them.It doesn't matter what people think of you.So if your friend doesn't like one of your friends think, who is realy your friend because sometimes you think they are your friend but if you think they might not be your friend after all.

P.S:Hope it helps.




I'm very sorry about that Mic. I know it's tough. But sometimes things just happen. If she doesn't like you then she doesn't. You can't force her to like you. But doesn't mean you guys can't still be friends! Keep in contact and maybe she'll change her mind about you!

Venus, (sorry) xx

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