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I feel very sorry for you. It's scary when parents fight! My parents fight all the time and take it from me, don't worry. Sometimes, if two people don't get along at all, it's the best if they do break up! That way they would be happy. I know it's sad but just remember, your parents would love you just as much no matter if they break up or not.

For your friend situation, think which one has been a better friend to you, who likes you for who you are, and not what you have.

Vi, hope it helps! xx
Parents fight! It's, unfortunatly, just nature. I remember once my parents were fighting in the night and I was in tears thinking they'd break up... The next day it was almost like nothing ever happened! But if it's heppening alot and is scaring you anyway you must speak to them or write them a letter.
As for your friend being left out, stand up for her. If the others say not to, ignore them! It's unfair to leave people out so don't let people stop you doing the right thing.
hope it's all ok and have a very merry christmas!
Love Lily xxx
Right, to start off, you have to tell your boyfriend how you feel. He maybe has some problem of his own and just needs a little space for a while.

Don't tell Lizzy!!! If you do, Lucy's life will be wrecked forever! Two wrongs don't make a right - however mean Lucy's been, it doesn't mean you should do it back. If Lucy is upsetting you or your friends, tell someone who can help. It's not cool to put people down, even if the most popular people do it...

Hope this helped xxx
Lily <3

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