Welcome to this page.
Thanks so much for checking out Marrs, also thanks for making what I've been trying to tell the others more clear to them! It's always me doing all the work. But it is true that the others are very busy and unfortunately for Ruby, she left her laptop at my house and couldn't be bothered to come and get it... :/. Also I'm on my lent right now and my lent it giving up Facebook, so I've had quite a lot of spare time. Hopefully the others will be here to update things for you, I will tell them how you feel. xxx

Love Vi x
Hey sorry recently we have all been very busy and haven't really had the chance to come on here - Venus seems to have a bit more free time ;) but hopefully I will be updating more often along side her and I am not really sure about Ruby and Love...

But we will try our best to make the site better again and thanks for being so loyal to MARRs

-Lilly :)
Hey, thanks for your comment and once we tried using the pro function, it was cool but really confusing so we don't use it anymore.
Don't worry we didn't take it seriously. I'm glad that we have inspired you to go on weebly. It's great fun.

Venus xx
Thanks for all your comments. I understand that the maps page isn't as good quality as all the others so we've deleted it. Thank you for telling us. We will check out your website whenever possible just tell us your web adress.

Love Venus
Thank you for the comment. We are trying to do are best to develop it. Be sure to check out the rest of our website.

If you would like advise, please go to the advise collem.


I am very sorry about what happened. I think the best thing to do is to put a note in their locker telling them how you feel. It's easier to say depressing things through note. Good luck. Reply to us ASAP. Thank you for choosing to use MARRs.




To Sadforever
I think maybe you should talk tlo them and if they don't reply then try and make new friends.
love Love

Ok you are not going to loose them. Just make friends with their friends.

Thank you for reading this page. Please check out any other page and comment.