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Hey! Now we all go through different phases in life, especially growing up with hormones running wild. It sounds like you seem to be having mood swings which is a perfectly normal part of growing up. No body ever stays the same, people are constantly changing but don't let yourself get depressed. If something is seriously upsetting you then it can actually really help to talk to someone! If something is getting me down, I do find it really hard to talk to friends and family - I don't know why. So I find myself asking random people on the internet for advice! I know it may sound silly but it really helps because you can tell them everything without them judging you because they don't actually know you. But sometimes you may just get depressed and don't know why - thats normal too! There are many ways of getting over that! You can try out some new activities, make sure you're not just sitting alone in the dark, go out and get some freash air. Listen to music that you can really relate to! Music really helps me when I don't feel too great. And you said you think you're becoming quite rude? Well, if you are becoming depressed and no one is understanding you, you may find yourself snapping at people with out meaning it. If you feel yourself getting mad at someone, just take a moment to think before you lash out with your words because at this point in your life, you really don't want to be losing friends.
If your depression gets serious and leads to anything futhur, please let me know and I'll do all I can to help you!

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