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10/15/2010 09:30

My friends aren't talking to me anymore. July is going with Sam now. Please help me!


10/16/2010 09:07

my girlfreiends left me.i want her back.come back

Guild Wars 2 junky
10/16/2010 14:09

Hey I have a piece of advice...if you want it. This may not make you feel the best ever, but it is realistic. Sometimes, people move apart. Maybe your girlfriend feels like she can't relate to you anymore because you guys are just too different. Everyone now and then (more time than often) there is just nothing you can do to fix that. Even if you do want her back, don't try too hard, or she'll get annoyed. Anyway, good luck!

Scared & Far
10/17/2010 00:45

So basically, I've liked this girl for a REALLY long time. Then I moved pretty far away from her. I thought I might be able to tell her how I felt before I left, but I didn't have the courage. I think I should tell her how I feel, but I don't know if she'll like me back. And I guess doing it over Facebook isn't that personal. What do you guys think I should do?

10/19/2010 09:25

Hey guys, I'm getting really annoyed because the girl that sits next to me in this subject is being really mean to me and some of my friends! What do I do...

10/26/2010 10:31

I like this girl but we go to different schools now. She never liked me

11/02/2010 10:29

Hi. This person told me that she hates someone and some body. I'm friends with someone and some body. But I really like this person because she's so popular and if I don't agree with this person, they will be really mean to me. I find someone annoying sometimes too... what can I do! Please help as soon as possible...

11/04/2010 11:19

I dunno what to do. I'm finding One of my friends really annoying now and I want to break friends with her but I'm worried she'll get upset and tell everyone my secrets

11/05/2010 12:33

Your advise made me think. Weather it was me being rather mean. And i talked it through with my friends and they agreed. They said that we could still be friends but not best. So now when the teacher says "get into a group of..." noone asks me. How do you make friends? I'm funny, cute, pretty and I've got lots of money and a big house! I'm great at every subject but people make fun of me!

Jadey Baby
11/17/2010 10:42

hey, i hav two problems, one is dat u no, my boyfriend is like walkin around like he dont no me and lik dont talk to me infrom=nt of my frined s but i lik rely love him! So i dunno wat to do and pls dont say find a diff boyfrined coz i dont wanna.
and next, theres dis girl in my claass and her naame id lizzy and shes lik rely cool. but shes lk a bully (not rely) to dis girl lucy (everyone hates her) and i hate her too she was relyn mean to me and i no dis rely imbresin thin abt lucy so shood i tell lizzy caz den id b great frineds wid her!

Horse lover
12/16/2010 12:38

Hey, my parents are rely fighting! they were at 3 am last ngiht! i feel lik theyr gonna break up. if they r, who am i gonna stay with? how will i be able to choose between my paretns?

jeen (my firned) is rely bossy! i wanna break frineds with her but she might get all the others on her side!

my friend is being left out rely badly in out group (there r five of us) I wanna do something but the ohers hav told me not to! 'leave her be' they wood say. christmas is comin up and i rely want an answer coz i dnt wasnna make my frined upset!

love horse lover

gold ring
03/20/2012 10:11

Its annoying, i think im changing tooo much, my parents tink so too, sometimes i get super depressed for like no reason watsoever....... iv suddenely started to like lots of emo things but i dont think im turning emo, though all my frends do and my family too. im barely ever happy anymor and i think im rude........;.


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